Classroom :

Spacious, smartclass rooms with cross - ventilation and comfortable furniture for different levels of students.

Conveyance :

For students’ convenience, our institution has a good number of vehicles that ply between the institution and their homes.

Safety :

Fire safety systems.

Safe and purified drinking water.

First aid kit.

Playground :

Vast playground for sports and games to help students to develop physical strength,co-ordination and balance.

Indoor Stadium :

Badminton, shuttle cock, tennis. Board games like carrom, chess , ludo devils & ladders, ludo snakes & ladders,checkers,backgammon.

Laboratory :

Well maintained cyber lab where all students from KG kids get hand on experience in operating the system.

Wi-fi :

To bring the world to finger tips.

Language lab :

To improve communications skills.

Sick bay :

To ease the students who become sick.

Library :

Good arrays of books on various subjects like science, history, geography, maths, tamil, general knowledge, current affairs, language, stories,folktales, and encyclopedia.

CCTV Camera :

To Reduce the situations inside the campus and to offer the school students a better security.

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